The stand alone Sani-Defenx ozone process is the most cost-effective solution for efficiently cleaning and drying advanced and expensive law enforcement equipment without water or harmful chemicals.
Who uses Sani-Defenx?
Law Enforcement Canada:
CBSA Toronto Airport
RCMP Toronto East
RCMP Bowmanville, ON
Edmonton, AB
Calgary, AB
Durham, ON
Oshawa, ON
Laval, QC
Ottawa, ON
Vancouver, BC
Surete du Quebec, QC
Sudbury, ON
Toronto, ON
Ecole National de Police, Nicolet, QC
RCMP, Vancouver, BC
RCMP, Regina, SK
CBSA Academy, Rigaud, QC
Canadian Police College, Ottawa, ON
SPVM (Montréal) , QC
STM, Security, QC
Québec, QC
CBSA Academy, Chilliwack, BC
CBSA Task Force, Ottawa, ON
ERT, Toronto, ON
RCMP Training Chiliwack, BC
Longueil, QC
Gatineau, QC
York Regional Police

Correctional Facilities U.S.A:
Greely, CO

U.S. Dept of Justice
Atlanta, GA
Philadelphia, PA
Correctional facilities Canada:
Edmonton, AB
Drumheller, AB
Bowden, AB
Kent, BC
Fraser Valley, BC
Mastqui, BC
Mission, BC
Kitchener, ON
Fenbrook, ON
Gravenhurst, ON
Kingston, ON
Bath, ON
Joyceville, ON
C.R.R., QC
Centre Fédéral de Formation, QC
Leclerc, QC
Archambault, QC
Donnacona, QC
Port Cartier, QC
Cowansville, QC
Drummond, QC
Joliette, QC
Archambault, QC
LaMacaza, QC
Drummondville, QC
New Brunswick Correctional Services
Renous, N.B.
Dorchester, N.B.
Springhill, N.S.
Northeast N.S. Correctional
Whitehorse Provincial Correction, YK
Centre de detention de Quebec, QC
Centre de détention RDP, QC
Stony Mountain, Manitoba
SM Longueuil, QC
U.S. Marshal:
Atlantic City, NJ
Atlanta, GA
Chicago, IL
Pinneville, LA
Tucson, AZ
Monterey Park, CA
Phoenix, AZ
Yuma, AZ
Brunswick Training Academy, Glynco, GA
Investigative Operations, Orlando, FL
Investigative Operations, Tallahassee, FL

Other agencies Canada:
Department of Justice Nova Scotia
Defence Research and Development, Toronto, ON
Ministere de la securite publique, Montreal, QC

Law Enforcement & other agencies USA:
Brooklyn, NY (police)
State Department, Sterling, Va
Oklahoma City Highway Patrol, Oklahoma City, OK
US Probation Office, Kansas City, KS
US Probation Office, Wichita, KS
US Probation Office, Topeka, KS
NYPD Counter Terror Task Force, Brooklyn, NY
Immigration & Customs Enforcement Removal Operations, Fort Snelling, MN
National Center for Biomedical Research & Training, Baton Rouge, LA
O’gara Training Facility, Montross, VA
CLEET (Council on Law Enforcement Training and Education), OK
Fox Valley Technical College, Appleton, WI
Gus George Law Enforcement Academy Richmond, TX
James J Rowley Training Center, Laurel, MD
ALLERT Range Maxwell, TX
Law enforcement applications
Sani-Defenx process is well suited to significantly reduce bacteria and clean these types of equipment:
  • Body armor
  • Gloves & boots
  • Elbow, knee & shin pads
  • Neck and chin guards
  • Bomb disposal suits
  • Helmets
Performance advantages
  • Dangerous bacteria, viruses and foul odors are removed from tactical equipment
  • Extends the life-cycle of personal and protective equipment
  • Process only takes 16 minutes
  • There are no waste water disposal issues and water hook ups are not required