The stand alone Sani-Defenx ozone process is the most cost-effective solution for efficiently cleaning and drying advanced and expensive protective equipment without water or harmful chemicals.
Who uses Sani-Defenx?
Department of Homeland Security:
Artesia, NM
Brunswick, GA
Glynco, GA
Egg Harbor, NJ
Sunrise, FL
Coppell, TX
Philadelphia, PA
East Elmhurst, NY
Charleston, SC
Anniston, AL
Oriskany, NY
Containerization Consol, New Cumberland, PA
Performance advantages
  • Dangerous bacteria, viruses and foul odors are reduced
  • Small machine size allows for easy placement in Airports, Border stations and Security facilities
  • Process only takes 12 minutes
  • There are no waste water disposal issues and water hook ups are not required
  • Ozone cleaning process does not cause any performance degradation to ballistic vests
  • Sani-Defenx process is ideally suited for cleaning equipment that can't be cleaned with soap and water
Security applications
Sani-Defenx process is well suited to remove bacteria and clean these types of equipment:
  • Body armor
  • Gloves & boots
  • Elbow, knee & shin pads
  • Neck and chin guards
  • Helmets
Ozone as a cleaning agent
Ozone, also known as O3, is the free-radical form of oxygen used extensively for safely sanitizing and cleaning a wide variety of products on a commercial and industrial basis. As a cleaning agent, O3 is up to 3000 times faster acting and up to 150 times more powerful than chlorine bleach. As a result, O3 rapidly kills bacteria, fungus and other pathogens.

The waterless Sani-Defenx ozone cleaning process does not produce liquid wastes, eliminating the need for costly water-treatment, sewer plumbing and potable water interfaces.